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School Notebook


Provision believes that education is essential for communities. Education will provide opportunities: empowering people and helping to create sustainable livelihoods for future generations.

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Student Residence

Aside from providing women with an opportunity for education, Provision understands that financial struggles are not the only limiting factor for women to go to school. In many villages in Tanzania, women who do have an opportunity to go to school often have to travel long distances in order to attend school. Many of these women have to travel late at night along dark roads which can be extremely unsafe. Considering these circumstances, Provision became aware of the need for safe accommodation for female students at Saint Francis University College of Health and Allied Sciences (SFUCHAS) and built a four-story, on-campus residence to safely house 300 students each year. Thanks to this project, the women can safely get the education they are working so hard to earn.

St.Peter Claver Primary School

Luhombero is in an isolated, very rural, poor area in southern Tanzania. The local government school is filled to standing room only and not able to provide a quality education. In 2020 Provision started the process of building an english school where children in the village could receive an education and be provided with two meals a day.

St.Peter Claver School opened in January 2022 with two blocks of classrooms, and has grown to 210 students. The intent is to begin building the third block a dining hall and a kitchen in 2024.

The school is run by Provision's friend Father Placid Kindata, seven dedicated teachers, and support staff that provide driving, cooking and supervision.

University Scholarships

To date Provision has supported 21 students as they completed their degrees . Our current candidates, Bernard Nyange and Dr.Duesdedith Claud are both committed to becoming doctors and changing their communities for the better.

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