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Community Oral Health Program

Provision Charitable Foundation has trained local health care professionals, members of their own communities, to become champions in the prevention of oral disease


Kifafa is a Swahili word for epilepsy. Today in rural Tanzania there is a growing understanding amongst the youth that epilepsy is a condition that can be treated. Yet when we talk to the people in the villages, we still encounter people who keep their epilepsy hidden fearing the stigma that still persists. The mistaken beliefs the kifafa is contagious, or that it is caused by a demon or a spirit. Our goal is to take the stigma away; to make sure all youth being diagnosed with epilepsy feel fully supported by their families and communities.

Luhombero treatment room

Luhombero Dispensary

Provision is partnering with stakeholders in Luhombero Village, creating quality health care for their community.

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