Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
-Nelson Mandela



Kifafa is a swahili word for epilepsy. Today in rural Tanzania there is a growing understanding amongst the youth that epilepsy is a condition that can be treated. Yet when we talk to the people in the villages, we still encounter people who keep their epilepsy hidden fearing the stigma that still persists. The mistaken beliefs the kifafa is contagious, or that its caused by a demon or a spirit. Our goal is to take the stigma away; to make sure all youth being diagnosed with epilepsy feel fully supported by their families and communities.


Provision began supporting students in medical school at St.Francis University,Ifakara in 2011.Based on WHO statistics there is one doctor for every 140,000 people living in Tanzania. We were thrilled on November 25, 2015 To see our first medical students graduate!
This year we are supporting 8 students, of which most express a desire to help in rural communities as they witnessed this need first hand as children.


In September 2018 Provision Charitable Foundation broke ground on a large piece of land adjacent to St.Francis University in Ifakara. With the help of 


a comprehensive plan was developed for a 300 bed residence for female students at St.Francis. Having safe, secure housing for women will ensure that female students are able to seek a university education, particularly in the field of health science where the need is great. This project has been completed as of 2020 and the residence center is already filling up!

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