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Floods and food shortages


Every year from March to mid May Tanzania experiences Masika, or long rains. This expected weather is factored in to daily life and food production. This year East Africa experienced extreme rains: many locals have reported the worst in 100+ years. The government of Tanzania believes over 200,000 people were directly affected. Of that number, 100 are in Provision's partner village, Luhombero. These people lived in simple homes that were washed away in the floods. This area in south eastern Tanzania relies on maize and rice and other cash crops to support their familes. It is estimated that the region lost approximately 77,000 hectares of farmland and that there will be a 30% drop in food production. Provision will continue to support our partners and friends in Luhombero parish throughout the coming months as we expect food insecurity will be a significant problem.

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Summer News

We're celebrating summer and all the amazing programs your generosity has made possible

Annual Report 2023

The last months have been exciting, challenging, and very encouraging. As Nancy and I look back it seems hard to believe that we first went to Tanzania in 2009, fourteen years ago. We had no idea what doors God would open. It has been a great joy to partner both with the wonderful people of Tanzania and the generous people of Canada who are so encouraging and supportive.

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