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Provision has entered into two categories of projects, best defined as Capital projects and People projects


At all times Provision has endeavoured to remain consistent with the sustainable development goals as outlined by The United Nations (UN) and to ensure that all projects are “transformational” rather than “traditional.” The difference being that transformational projects stand on their own once operational without continual financial support from outside sources.


The UN sustainable development objectives realize that in certain circumstances the local infrastructure may not be in place and that outside expertise and capital may be required before the related People projects can be undertaken and become truly transformational (ie. able to stand on their own).

Capital Projects Collage.jpg


Provision selects Capital projects that are necessary to further develop the transformational goals of the People projects:

  •  The wells and irrigation systems are essential to income levels increasing.

  •  The schools in rural areas are essential to further education.

  •  The rural maternity ward is essential to the development of maternal health.

The women’s student residence at Ifakara was essential for young women to take advantage of educational opportunities.


The People projects--Education, Medical and Dental Care benefit directly from the Capital projects undertaken.

People Projects Collage.jpg
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