ROW Foundation
Dalhousie University

The ROW Foundation is a US-based charity founded to help make epilepsy medication available to those individuals with epilepsy who because of poverty or isolation do not have access to needed medications.

The initials ROW stand for the “REST OF WORLD,” the premise being that the rest of the world should be supplied with needed medications.

ROW has provided to Provision Charitable Foundation at no cost significant amounts of safe medication specifically for women who are or may become pregnant, medication not available in Tanzania.

Dalhousie has always had an international focus and has in the past worked on maternal health at St. Francis University College of Health and Allied Sciences (SFUCHAS) in Tanzania and has an excellent reputation at SFUCHAS.

No formal agreement has been completed however Provision Charitable Foundation is working with Dalhousie dental school and are discussing working together on maternal health and epilepsy research and education.

SFUCHAS, Ifakara
Jones Family Foundation
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St. Francis University College of Health and Allied Sciences (SFUCHAS) is a relatively new college purposely situated in a smaller city, Ifakara so that the university could maintain a rural focus.


Provision Charitable Foundation has partnered with SFUCHAS to provide tuition fee and living costs for students in the five-year medical doctor program and we have graduated 21 doctors, 10 women and 11 men. Provision Charitable Foundation is presently assisting 3 graduates taking post-graduate specialization.


Provision Charitable Foundation has built a women’s residence at SFUCHAS so that 300 young women would have safe and comfortable on-campus accommodation.

Trevor and Dixie Jones formed the Jones Family foundation to assist various agencies working to deal with poverty around the world.

Trevor and Dixie have very generously supported various Provision Charitable Foundation projects with the most significant contribution being a $3,000,000 donation to build the women’s residence at St. Francis University College of Health and Allied Sciences so that 300 women can have safe and comfortable on-campus accommodation.

The Jones Family Foundation continues to provide key support.

Engineering Ministries International

Provision Charitable Foundation engaged EMI to design and supervise the construction of the women’s residence at St. Francis University College of Health and Allied Sciences at Ifakara. Currently, EMI has been engaged to design a resident school for girls at Tunduru in southern Tanzania.

Provision CPA
Chartered Professional Accountants

Provision CPA provides accounting and related support. It also makes an annual donation to cover general and administrative expenses of Provision Charitable Foundation.