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Our roots go deep. In 1960 Dr.Louise Jilek-Aall came to the Kilombero Valley to research the prevalence of Epilepsy specific to that area. Provisions’s first project was the employment of people with epilepsy at a farm in Mahenge. Their partnership with us and their hard work challenged the societal belief that limited their involvement in daily life. Today we’ve grown and now partner with communities to achieve quality Health Care, Education, Sustainable Agriculture and Social Enterprise.

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Student Residence at SFUCHAS

Over the last 4 years Provision’s student residence in Ifakara has secured safe housing for over a 1000 women so they can
pursue an education in health and sciences.

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Oral Health

We’ve educated and employed Community Dental Workers to reach over 10,000 children a year in underserved areas teaching them the importance of Oral Health.


St. Peter Claver

We broke ground for St Peter Claver School in October
2020.This year we will provide 220 children with a quality education and two nourishing meals per day.

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Bees at Work

We’re in the honey business!

Nzuri Honey will be Provision Charitable Foundations first social enterprise in the Kilombero Valley! We know that beekeeping and honey production will create sustainable income for families and profits earned by our honey processing center will support our community partners and programs.



The last months have been exciting, challenging, and very encouraging. As Nancy and I look back it seems hard to believe that we first went to Tanzania in 2009, fourteen years ago. We had no idea what doors God would open. It has been a great joy to partner both with the wonderful people of Tanzania and the generous people of Canada who are so encouraging and supportive.


Provision Charitable Foundation first started in the town of Mahenge and then expanded to the town of Ifakara and the Kilombero Valley. It is our goal is to continue to fulfil our mission of improving the lives of the Tanzanian people.

We would appreciate any assistance. Please contact us if you need further information. Thank you. 

#111, 14280 19A Avenue,

Surrey, BC

V4A 8W3


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