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Provision Charitable Foundation (PCF) is working with the Catholic Church to complete a maternity ward at Kwiro. This project will eliminate the need for women to drive for several hours if emergency care is required during their pregnancy. The maternal death rate is very high in rural Tanzania due to the lack of both trained personnel and medical facilities.

For more information see the WOMEN'S SUPPORT page.


Provision Charitable Foundation (PCF) has supported medical students since 2011 and has graduated twenty-one medical doctors, ten women and eleven men. The criteria for assistance were desperate financial need and PCF’s requirements to the university selection committee was that as much as possible one-half of the sponsored students must be women.

The total funds advanced to the 21 medical students was $303,880 US dollars of which $206,880 is a loan from the university to the graduate doctors.

The loans are noninterest-bearing and repayments from the students began in 2011. It is expected by 2030 the total repayments will be sufficient to support two medical students. The last student under this program graduated in 2020 and PCF began supporting graduates in specialized programs. 

PCF is presently sponsoring two graduate doctors to obtain specialist training. Eveline is pursuing a masters in orthopaedics and Emanuel is pursuing a Master’s in obstetrics. 

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