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Provision has operated under very consistent financial principles since its inception. 

Commitment to donors

The accomplishments would not have been possible without the generosity of our donors.

Provision has committed to our donors that 100% of donations received will be used in the designated project with no deduction for administrative or other costs. This is possible because administrative and related costs have been kept to an absolute minimum and specific donations have been requested to cover administrative costs that cannot be avoided.

All participants have been responsible for their own travel costs.

Provision has also committed to ensuring as best we can that all funds sent to Africa are used in the appropriate project. Every year for the last seven years with the exception of 2020 because of Covid, representatives of Provision have travelled to Tanzania to meet with the responsible individuals, visit the various projects and ensure proper controls are in place. 

Financial Structure of the projects 

Wherever possible the projects are designed to be “transformational” rather than “traditional”. Transformational development is defined by the UN to be a development that becomes self-supporting and no continuing obligation for external funding is necessary. The three examples illustrate the types of projects.

Employment of Epileptic people (traditional)

The major exception to this structure is the epileptic people employment project. When this project was conceived it was expected once the people demonstrated the ability to work, they would be able to find other employment, however employment opportunities in Tanzania in the rural area are very limited.  So the decision was made to continue the employment project to continue to demonstrate that people with epilepsy can work hard and become productive members of the community. This structure requires continual input to fund the ongoing salary costs.

Women’s residence at SFUCHAS (transformational)

The construction of the residence on the campus at SFUCHAS was financed 100% by Provision through the generosity of the Jones Family Foundation. The agreement with SFUCHAS is that one half of the net cash flow from the student residency fees will be allocated to the ongoing oral health project operated by Provision. SFUCHAS now has very much needed on-campus accommodation for women students and also has one half of the net cash flow to fund other operating costs.

Medical Students tuition and living costs assistance (transformational)

Provision has provided grants and loans to 21 medical students who have now graduated. The loan portion is to be repaid by the graduates directly to SFUCHAS and is to be used to assist other medical students.

The total funds advanced to the 21 medical students was $303,880 US dollars of which $206,880 is a loan from SFUCHAS to the graduates. The loans are non-interest-bearing and repayment from the early graduates began in 2019. It is expected by 2023 the annual repayments will be sufficient to cover the costs of 2 medical students each year.

Further Information

If you have any financial questions regarding the operation of Provision Charitable Foundation, please contact Ken Morrison using the CONTACT US page.

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