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Combine your visit to our project locations with a safari.


Travel to the northern part of the country to see the Serengeti or the Ngorongoro Crater.


Spend a few days taking in the beauty of the beaches in Zanzibar, or along the Indian Ocean coast.


There are endless opportunities in this amazing country!


​​​Here at Provision, we believe that hard work deserves rewards. Not only does Tanzania offer you an opportunity to do truly meaningful and impactful work, but it also doubles as an amazing getaway destination!

Provision has partnered with Foxes Safari Camps to arrange discounted safaris for our friends who travel to Tanzania.

Guests are driven from Ifakara to Mikumi Game Park, usually with a lunch break at Udzungwa Park, for two nights at Stanley’s Kopje, the only camp actually in Mikumi Game Park and then fly to Ruaha or Rufiji for three nights. 

Stanley’s Kopje provides a Serengeti experience, and Ruaha or Rufiji provides a river experience. If you want an Indian Ocean beach retreat Lazy Lagoon is an option as well. 

We recommend you book an evening flight out of Dar Es Salaam to begin your trip home and you can then fly in the same day from your safari experience so no need to overnight in Dar Es Salaam.


For more information on Foxes Safari Camps, visit their website by clicking on their logo at the bottom of this page.

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