Provision Charitable Foundation has signed a funding agreement with a paediatric hospice ('the Hospice') in Poland near the border with Ukraine. The Hospice approached the Directors of Provision Charitable Foundation with a request for aid.

Since the start of the war, the Hospice, in addition to its regular programs of looking after sick and palliative Polish children, has accepted 100 refugee family members with 30 additional Ukrainian children requiring palliative care.

In most cases, the families have been separated by the war as the men are required to remain in Ukraine for military service. Sadly, some of these children will not return to health. As the conflict continues, more Ukrainian refugees with sick kids arrive requesting assistance. 

Please find attached a video message (attached below) from the Hospice to the Canadian donors.


The objectives of the Hospice:

i. To locate and/or provide urgent medical care in Poland for these sick children.

ii. To make the time left for these children as dignified and comfortable as possible.




Provision Charitable Foundation's goal is to raise $50,000.00 To date, we've raised $21,550.00

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