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Thank you for your support

Provision Charitable Foundation has been working with Chalice Foundation, the prominent Catholic charity headquartered in Nova Scotia, at Luhombero to coordinate our projects, along with Dalhousie University. As part of that, we were committed to raising support for 100 children at Luhombero. Chalice needed a minimum number of supported children to fully dedicate resources to the area.

With your support, we have been able to raise support to sponsor 150 children.  

The following is a summary of our work in Luhemboro:

Firstly the geography, Provision is working in the Kilombero River valley in Tanzania, and at the far end of the valley is a very poor village, Luhombero.

Provision has worked at Luhombero for over ten years,  we have helped with irrigation, drilled a well, assisted with farming, started beekeeping, taught oral health and now with Dalhousie universities help we are beginning to teach regenerative farming, etc throughout the whole valley. 

We have also built a school at Luhombero, the first phase, three classrooms, opened in January 2022 and the second phase, an additional three classrooms will open in January 2023. The construction costs are fully funded. 

The people also need a footbridge over the local river, (crocodiles and hippos) and we have a  team of engineers from engineering ministries international  (like Doctors Without Borders ) who traveled to Luhombero to develop a plan. A Canadian engineering firm is contributing its services and doing needed design work.

We have developed a relationship with Chalice Canada, a very large catholic charity, which has recently sent a team to Luhombero and identified 150 very poor children who need sponsorship. Basically, Chalice works by having the sponsored children’s families organized into family groups and then the Chalice team teaches all sorts of life skills, budgeting, small business, oral health, etc., along with the requirement that the child must attend school.

With your support, we have been able to raise support for all 150 of these children at $42.00 per month per child or $504.00 per year. (Chalice requires a minimum number of sponsored children to cover the costs of sending in workers etc). Chalice also requires the supported child to attend school so $25.00 per month will go to our new school to support it and the families will also get all sorts of skills training, including becoming part of our farm training program. You can explore the Chalice website to see the wonderful work they do. (Find the chalice work site at the village of Neema, Tanzania ).

The support of one child for one year for a total cost of $504.00 less the 45% tax credit of $226.00 for a net out-of-pocket of $278.00 to support a child for the year. (Two children $ 1,008.00 less tax credit 452.00 equals net out-of-pocket $556.00)

Finding sponsors for 150 children has been a major undertaking. We are very encouraged that we have already received support for all of these children.


If you would like to continue your support for our work, please go to the Chalice website ( click on sponsor now,  select Tanzania, and select child, boy, or girl. Then, you will see  Tanzanian children and you can select and make your contribution. When you select a child you will be able to see an ID number containing the letters LUH for Luhombero. (PLEASE NOTE THIS ID NUMBER IS NOT ON THE CHILD’S CHALICE PAGE BUT IS ACTUALLY IN THE IDENTIFYING HEADER LINE ON YOUR SCREEN ON THE VERY TOP RIGHT). If you are still having difficulties you can call Marilyn Hall at Chalice, her direct line is 1 902 252 3917 ext 202 

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