With the goal being to uplift an entire community we invest in people and entrepreneurial projects. We originally started with an employment program for epilepsy patients, but over the years we have been able to help with advanced education for exceptional students and implement projects that will be of benefit to the community for years to come.

When Dr.Louise Jilek-Aall set up a clinic for people with epilepsy in 1960 her desire was to alleviate the suffering of epileptic people. Today Provision Charitable Foundation continues to find solutions to the health needs of the community by educating and providing communities with greater access to medical care

Education brings change. Whether we are educating people on facts about epilepsy, sponsoring medical students, or providing safe residences for female students, individuals and families; communities will be impacted.

Scholarship funding for medical students

 Provision Charitable Foundation has made a commitment to improve medical care in Tanzania, with a focus on rural medical needs. One of the key factors in stabilizing the medical system is the training of qualified medical professionals. Based on the World Health Organization statistics there is presently one doctor for 50,000 individuals in East Africa.

The program at St Francis University at Ifakara in southern Tanzania is a five year program with an additional year of internship to become a fully qualified medical doctor. Our criteria for student selection is very simple. The student must have completed the first year of medical school and be unable for financial reasons to continue. We have required that as much as possible 50% of the supported students be women. 

Provision began by funding three medical students in 2011, increased the number to 9 in 2012 and since then, Provision has had 15 medical doctors (8 men and 7 women) graduate with us. We have an additional 6 medical students currently in the program scheduled to graduate in the next two years. Provision funds all medical school costs of approximately $ 3,000.00 per year and advances 1,000.00 per year for the student for living costs for A total of $4,000.00 US dollars per student. Since all training is in Tanzania costs are very low by western standards and Provision commits to our donors that 100% of the funds donated are forwarded on the student’s behalf directly to Africa.

Farming, tailoring, carpentry....we are finding sustainable solutions to better the living conditions and empowering people with epilepsy.


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