The Mahenge Epilepsy clinic was started by Dr.Louise Jilek-Aall and continues to medically supervise people with epilepsy. The clinic treats approximately 500 patients from Mahenge and the surrounding area.There is one doctor in the clinic and one nurse, they are often seeing 30 patients per day.


 70% of people living with epilepsy could be seizure free if treated.

One of the challenges facing people with epilepsy in developing countries is the lack of consistent anti seizure medication.Current gaps in pharmaceutical availability can last for weeks at a time. Our goal is to ensure that epileptic patients do not have to worry about access to consistent medication.


One of the contributing causes of epilepsy in the developing world is trauma to infants during labour and delivery. Many women in the Kilombero Valley walk for hours to see a doctor, often not making it to a clinic before a baby is born.In 2015 a maternity clinic was started in the town of Kwiro to address this critical need.


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