When Provision was first launched in 2009, our main commitment was to help people with epilepsy manage their epilepsy and improve their quality of life. Since our founding days, Provision now has made a commitment to improving life for not only people with epilepsy but for the people of Tanzania as a whole. Over the years, Provision has made a commitment to the women in Tanzania to provide them with safety and education. In Tanzania, medicine related employment was traditionally performed by males but we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that women who want to practice medicine in Tanzania have the opportunity to do so. Within our medical student program, we require that as much as 50% of the supported students are to be women.


Aside from providing women with an opportunity for education, Provision understands that financial struggles are not the only limiting factor for women to go to school. In many villages in Tanzania, women who do have an opportunity to go to school often have to travel long distances in order to attend school. Many of these women have to travel late at night along dark roads which can be extremely unsafe. Considering these circumstances, Provision saw these unsafe conditions and built dorms for those under our care. Thanks to this project, the women participating in our medical student program can safely get the education they are working so hard to earn.


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