One of Provision’s top priorities is to provide education for those who do not have access to it. In Tanzania, the shortage of education is something we cannot ignore. Thousands of children don’t have access to education due to financial circumstances, family circumstances or simply there are no schools available near them. Here at Provision, we believe that education should be a universal right. In late 2020, working with a number of partners, we have provided support to a project that broke ground on a multiyear initiative to build an elementary school in the Luhombero village of Tanzania. The initial phase of the project includes a 4 classroom block along with sanitation facilities in year one, which we hope to have open for student learning by January 2022.  The facility will eventually include 10 classrooms and a library that will accommodate over 600 students per year. This project is something that we are extremely excited about and we look forward to continuing our commitment to improve the lives of Tanzanian people


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