A large group of dental health professionals are heading back to Tanzania!

    At the request of the faculty of St.Francis University,Ifakara, there is a dental treatment team heading to Tanzania in Sept/Oct of 2019. This trip will be a big undertaking.  All mobile equipment and supplies will be transported from Canada and a temporary location will be used as a busy, fully functional dental clinic for 2 weeks.  The long range plan for oral health in the Morogoro region in Tanzania will focus on education, oral health promotion and oral disease prevention.The reality is that there are many people suffering from dental pain in Tanzania today.  Evidence is clear that overall health is linked to oral and dental health so delivering emergency care to people now is crucial.  This team will be made up of dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and a few other non-dental support people who are crucial to making this team run smoothly.  It is also part of the plan for this team to assess the oral health of the community as a whole, provide education in preventive oral health to the community in various venues and collaborate with the Community Health Workers, some of whom have already received education in oral health and disease and are integrating this knowledge into their daily work.

-Kelly Antosh


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