In 2015, our founders; Ken and Nancy Morrison travelled to Tanzania with Dr.Jeff Hackett, a dentist from Victoria, BC. While in Tanzania, they learned that in Tanzania there is only 1 dentist for every 140,000 people. As Dr. Hackett understood the consequences that a lack of oral health can have, the group decided that this need is not something that cannot go unaddressed. This led to the Dental Team project being created and in 2016, an 11 person team travelled to Mahenge to provide dental health relief to the community. 

After the initial 2016 dental team visited Tanzania, the need for dental care became even more obvious within the Tanzanian community. At the request of the faculty of St.Francis University located in Ifakara, a dental treatment team headed to Tanzania in September of 2019. This trip was an even bigger undertaking than the previous trip. All mobile equipment and supplies had been transported from Canada and a temporary location will be used as a busy, fully functional dental clinic for 2 weeks. The reality is that there are many people suffering from dental pain in Tanzania today which is why Provision has created a long range plan for oral health in the Morogoro region in Tanzania that has focused on education, oral health promotion and oral disease prevention.  Evidence is clear that overall health is linked to oral and dental health so delivering emergency care to people now is crucial.  The team that travelled to Tanzania to partake in this project have included dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and a few other non-dental support people who are crucial to making this team run smoothly.


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